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Riverside/Canyon Crest
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Riverside/Canyon Crest
4377 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507
Open 8:30 - 5:30 7 days a week
3841 Jackson St Riverside, CA 92503
Open 8:30 - 5:30 7 days a week

Victoria Avenue

Giant Eucalyptus: For size, no trees on Victoria Avenue equal the Eucalyptus. Some are nearly 10 feet in diameter, and 200 feet tall. Some trees have huge, off-white trunks, often picturesquely contorted, attesting to the century-old age. The more than 300 Eucalyptus trees on the Avenue represent 14 different species.

Palms: One of the many glories of Victoria Avenue is over 1600 palms, standing at attention down the Avenue at regularly-spaced intervals, like soldiers on parade. The most numerous are the Mexican Fan Palms lining both sides of the median. The Washingtonian filifera, California native and specifically a native of Riverside County. There are also Canary Island Date Palms, Guadalupe Palms, and Queen Palms.

  • California Fan Palm
  • Canary Island Date Palm
  • Guadalupe Palm
  • Queen Palm
  • Mexican Fan Palm
  • Wasingtonia filifera
  • Phoenix canariensis
  • Brahea edulis
  • Syagrus romanzoffianum
  • Washingtonia robusta

The Roosevelt Palm: Planted by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903, The Mexican Fan Palm, Washingtonia robusta, at Victoria Avenue and Myrtle Street, is now designated City Cultural Landmark #64.

Lorraine Small Rose Garden: Modern roses of many colors have been planted by Victoria Avenue Forever at Victoria Avenue and Myrtle Street. This garden planting makes a strong visual statement at the northen terminus of the divided Avenue. Funded entirely with private donations, the roses were planted by Victoria Avenue Forever volunteers to honor Lorraine Small, local garden writer and long-time advocate for the preservation of Victoria Avenue.

Dr. Peter M Lewis Garden: The garden at the northwest corner of Victoria Avenue and Jane Street is being developed by Victoria Avenue Forever. This planting is funded with donations and voluntary labor to honor Dr. Lewis’ contributions to the beautification of Riverside. All the plants are the drought tolerant. The trees include Mexican Palo Verde (Parkingsomia aculeata), Chitalpa (X Chitalpa tashkentensis), Firewheel Tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus), and Golden Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia chrysotricha)

Ragged Robin Roses: Untold thousands of ‘Ragged Robin’ Roses line both median sides of Victoria Avenue. This old-fashioned variety was introduced in 1852 under the name ‘Gloire des Rosomanes’. How it came to be called ‘Ragged Robin’ is unknown, but it is one of the distinctive features of the Avenue. No longer grown cemmercially, all replacement plants must be grown from cuttings.

Median Trees: The center of the median of Victoria Avenue is planted with various kinds of flowering trees. In the most cases, each block is planted with only one species. In addition to their flowers, some trees provide colored foliage or berries. The location of each species is indicated by the number on the map below.

1. Saucer Magnolia Magnolia soulangiana Purple
2. Western Redbud Cercis occidentalis/canadensis ‘Oklahoma’ Purplish Red
3. Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica Blue
4. Chaste Tree Vitex agnus-castus Blue
5. Pyracantha Pyracantha sp. White/Orange Berrie
6. Horsechestnut Aesculus ‘Briotti’ carnea Pink
7. Ornamental Pear Pyrus calleryana White
8. Sweetshade Hymenosporun flavum Yellow
9. Chitalpa X Chitalpa tashkentensis Pink
10. Flowering Peach Prunus persica Pink, Red, White
11. Flowering Nectarine
‘Alma Stutz’
Prunus persica/nucipersica
‘Alma Stutz’
12. (No common name) Caesalpinia spinosa Yellow
13. Chinese Fringe Tree Chionanthus retusus White
14. Floss Silk Tree Chorisia speciosa Pink
15. Bridal Wreath Spirea Spirea nipponica White
16. White Angel’s Trumpet Brugmansia candida White
17. Flowering Crabapple Malus floribunda ‘Hopa’ Rose Red
18. Pink Trumpet Tree Tabebuia avellandae Pink
19. Strawberry Snowball Tree Dombeya cacuminum Pink
20. Australian Flame Tree Brachychiton acerifolia Red
21. Goldenrain Tree Koelreiuteria paniculata Yellow
22. Floss Silk Tree Chorisia ‘elegance’ Pink
23. Texas Mountain Laurel Sophora secudiflora Lavender-blue