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Chandler (Pink Flesh)

Chandler PummeloFruit Ripens: Apr-Aug

Description: Like other pomelos, Chandlers are very large for citrus. Chandlers are particularly large and round, with a yellow to yellow-pink rind. The flesh is light to dark pink and ricey in texture but still juicy. Seeds are usually present in abundance, but only when cross-pollinated by fertile citrus types. The flavor is mostly sweet with some acidic notes, and Chandler pulp may even have contrasting tastes in different sections.


Valentine PummeloFruit Ripens: Jan-Mar

Description: Valentine fruit was formally evaluated by the Citrus Variety Collection from January to March of years 2006, 2007, and 2008. Valentine fruit are round to somewhat pyriform in shape, usually with a slight to pronounced neck at the fruit base (stem end), but in some cases the neck is absent, resulting in a more typical spheroid grapefruit-like shape. The fruit apex (blossom end) is rounded and smooth. Rind color is medium to dark yellow for fruit harvested in Riverside in mid-February, with similar values for fruit harvested from the Lind-cove Research and Extension Center in Exeter. Valentine does have seeds, averaging somewhere in the 20’s per fruit. The rind is moderately easy to peel when fruits are mature. ‘Valentine’ combines large size and low acidity from its pummelo parent, complex, floral taste from ‘Dancy,’ and juicy red pulp from ‘Ruby.’