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Riverside/Canyon Crest
4377 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507
Open 8:30 - 5:30 7 days a week
3841 Jackson St Riverside, CA 92503
Open 8:30 - 5:30 7 days a week

Monthly Garden Guide


  1. Prune roses, deciduous fruit and ornamental trees in January. Don’t prune spring blooming plants flowering cherries and camellias, wait until they have finished blooming before pruning them.
  2. Spring will be here soon! Start planning your flower and vegetable gardens, and landscape improvement projects.
  3. Apply a dormant spray to fruit trees and roses to prevent many insect and disease problems this year. Do it right the first time-ask us what best to use for your particular plants and when.
  4. Summer-blooming bulbs (Gladiolus and Dahlias) are arriving in January, be sure to plant some of these gorgeous flowers. It’s truly amazing how flowers so beautiful are produced from ugly brown bulbs and corns!


  1. Fruit trees, berries, and roses are here! Choose from our large selection of hand-picked plants selected for this climate.
  2. Stock up on gladiolus, tuberoses, dahlias, and other gorgeous summer blooming bulbs arriving mid January.
  3. Valentine’s Day is February 14th! We have beautiful house and flowering garden plants that will provide years of sweet, fragrant flowers for your special sweetheart.


  1. Begin dressing up your yard with our new shrubs, groundcovers, trees, annual and perennial flowers. Add fresh colorful flowers to bare and colorless areas.
  2. Plant Vegetables! If in doubt about the best time to plant a certain vegetable ask us when you are in the store.
  3. Fight back against slugs and snails to reduce plant damage. Apply Sluggo which is pet safe and protects your yard against slimy invaders.
  4. Give drip irrigation systems a spring tune up. Clean filters by flushing out sediment under running water, and clean or replace emitters.
  5. Mow or prune groundcover to rejuvenate them. Set your mower 3-5′, mow, then fertilize and add water.


  1. Its spring planting time! Now is the time to plant both edible and ornamental plants to create a more beautiful yard and home.
  2. Fertilize your plants now if you didn’t last month.
  3. Release some of our ladybugs to help control pests safely and naturally. We also carry organic pesticides to safely remove harmful insects.
  4. Prune all flowering ornamental trees and shrubs after they bloom.


  1. Its planting time! Browse the nursery and pick out some fresh flowers and delicious edibles.
  2. We have beautiful roses for every need, from hybrid tea, shrub, mini, tree and climbers.
  3. Plant herbs near your kitchen so you can easily pick what you need, even while cooking.
  4. Fertilize lawns to keep them green and thick.
  5. Stake all plants like tomatoes and hollyhocks


  1. We are stocked full of blooming plants that thrive in the warmer weather ahead.
  2. This is the perfect time to plant warm season vegetables. Feed growing vegetables with EB Stone Organic Tomato and Vegetable Food.
  3. Check your irrigation system now to prepare for warmer months ahead. Turn it on, make sure all heads are adjusted properly and aren’t blocked by foliage.
  4. Prune plants this month to cause them to grow fuller, and with more blooms. This works for most plants, but is especially important for petunias, fuchsias, and chrysanthemums.
  5. House plants are growing vigorously now, so be sure you are feeding them regularly.


  1. Enjoy the season and all the bountiful food and flowers that your garden provides.
  2. Trim off flowers that are past their prime to keep annuals and other plants blooming longer.
  3. Mulch flower and vegetable beds to reduce water usage, protect roots, keep out weeds, and make your garden look more attractive.
  4. Use gorgeous hanging baskets to decorate your entryways and patio.
  5. Check your lawn for brown spots. These may be the result of too little water, improper fertilizing, or insects. Bring in a sample if you don’t know what is causing them.


  1. Freshen up flower beds with plants that love the heat such as zinnias, marigolds, lantanas, geraniums, portulaca, and salvias.
  2. Flowers to plant in late summer and early fall are sedum, rudbeckia, asters, impatiens, marigolds, cosmos, and zinnias.
  3. Our Crape Myrtles are starting to bloom and they are gorgeous. Plant them where they will get lots of heat.
  4. Be water wise! Mulch any bare areas that you didn’t earlier this year. Remulch whenever the mulch is less than 2 inches thick.
  5. Continue feeding vegetables with EB Stone Organic Fertilizer and replace vegetables which have stopped producing.


  1. Plant chrysanthemums and other fall flowers to accent prominent spots around your home. Our beauties really are perfect for fall yard decorations.
  2. Roses will respond well to a little care this time of year. Feed EB Stone Organic Rose Food, water, and cut off flowers that have already bloomed.
  3. Conserve water by planting sections of native and waterwise plants in your garden.
  4. Plant early flowering sweet peas and you’ll have masses of these beauties in the fall and winter.


  1. Roses bloom gloriously in the fall and often have the best display this time of year. Fertilize and topdress with organic material to keep the soil alive.
  2. This is the best time of year to repair bare lawn spots as well as starting a new lawn.
  3. Plant perennials and native plants which use less water, and will be established by next year.


  1. Plant bulbs now for a winter and spring bonanza of color! We have a good supply of bulbs for both outdoor and indoor gardens.
  2. Sasanqua camellias are starting to bloom this time of year. These are beautiful and dependable winter bloomers.
  3. Spray peaches and nectarines after leaves have dropped to prevent leaf curl from infecting them next year.
  4. Keep bird feeders well stocked to provide birds with extra food during the lean winter months.


  1. Clean out weeds and apply a new layer of mulch. This results in fewer weeds and gives your yard a well tended look.
  2. Rake up fallen leaves often so they don’t smother lawn areas or start to rot on a wooden deck. Compost these leaves and next year you’ll have a much needed treat for your garden soil.
  3. Pick up a free rose list so you can start planning for next year. Our roses start arriving the week before Christmas.