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Bearss (Seedless) (Tahiti)

Bearss LimeFruit Ripens: Everbearing

Description: Original source tree came from Hayos Ranch, Indio, Ca. Bearss lime is reported to have originated as a seedling of a tree grown from seed from a fruit of Tahitian origin.

Mexican (Key) (Thornless)

Mexican Key LimesFruit Ripens: Everbearing

Description: Mexican Key limes resemble common limes but are generally smaller and more rounded, roughly two inches in diameter. Their kelly green skin is often blushed with yellow, a sign of ripeness. The thin peel is smooth, leathery and filled with sweet aromatic oils. The segmented, seed-bearing flesh contains a sweet-tart juice, a trademark that sets it apart from common limes.

Sweet (Acidless) (Palestine)

Sweet LimesFruit Ripens: Winter

Description: Sweet limes look similar to more common limes, but have yellow-green or yellow-orange rinds rather than green. The fruits are generally round and smooth. The flesh is very sweet. The flavor is barely tart, since sweet limes have little citric acid.