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Lemon EurekaFruit Ripens: Everbearing

Description: The Eureka lemon variety has classic, bright yellow skin with yellow flesh, thick, white pith, and contains few seeds. The fruit has a medium-thick, firm rind and skin, with very tart juice and a fragrant, oily peel. The pronounced, blossom-end knob is characteristic of the Eureka.

Meyer (Improved)

Meyer LemonsFruit Ripens: Everbearing

Description: Meyer lemons easily differentiate themselves from the common lemon with their shape, fragrance, color and taste. They are ovate yet rounded. Their coloring is a deep brilliant yellow. Their smooth semi-thin peel is fragrant and oily. Their flesh is low acid, aromatic, floral and sweet.

Pink Lemonade (Variegated) (Pink Flesh)

Pink LemonadeFruit Ripens: Everbearing

Description: Younger Pink lemons are variegated, with green and off white stripes on the outside, and a rosé hued pink flesh inside. As the lemons mature the variegation reverts and the pink flesh intensifies. Pink lemons have a tangy and tart flavor, a rich lemon scent and very few seeds if any. Their leaves are highly fragrant, considered the most fragrant among lemon trees. Pink lemons become less acidic with age. They are best suited for their juice and their zest.