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Meiwa KumquatsFruit Ripens: Jan-Mid Mar

Description: Meiwa kumquats are distinguished by their more rounded versus oval shape and their level of sweetness. In fact they are often simply referred to as the sweet kumquat. Meiwa kumquats are entirely edible, rind, flesh and the occasional soft seeds. Meiwa kumquats have a thick, smooth oily peel with aromatic citron fragrances and sweet flavor. The fruit’s flesh is not overly juicy but still very flavorful and tart. Only by eating both the skin and flesh will its perfect sweet-tart flavor balance be experienced. The average size of a kumquat is about one inch in diameter.


Nagami Kumquats Fruit Ripens: Dec-Summer

Description: The fruit of the Nagami kumquat tree grow in clusters. The fruits themselves are oval with a smooth pebbled surface. They ripen within a month from green to brilliant orange. Once mature, the fruit can reach up to 2 inches in length. Unlike citruses, the entire fruit is edible, although the few seeds buried in the flesh are recommended to be spared. The peel is where the true citrus sweetness lies in both aromatics and flavor. The flesh delivers a tart and juicy contrast, and if eaten whole, makes for a perfectly sweet-tart mouthful. Before disposing of or simply eating, consider saving the seeds, as they are a source of natural pectin.

Nordmann (Pat. Add $2) (seedless)

Nordmann KumquatsFruit Ripens: Dec-Apr

Description: Nagami Nordmann kumquats were first discovered in 1965 in Florida. This kumquat has a thick skin, that is smooth and forms into a teardrop shape. The outer peel is a light orange and the inner flesh is seedless with a sweet pulp. The entire Nagami Nordmann kumquat is edible and offers an overall sweet citrus flavor with a slight tartness.