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Cocktail Hybrid

Cocktail Hybrid GrapefruitFruit Ripens: Feb-May

Descript: The Cocktail grapefruit’s name suggests two characteristics of the fruit. It is about half the size in proportion to the average grapefruit. Regardless of its petite size, it is a premium juicing grapefruit, making it ideal for beverages and cocktails. The Cocktail grapefruit has a thin deep yellow peel with a segmented, brightly fragrant, extremely succulent and heavily seeded yellow flesh. Though the seeds may seem a deterrent for fresh eating, the Cocktail grapefruit’s sweeter parentage gives it unparalleled sub-acid flavors of sweetness.

Oro blanco (White flesh)

Oroblanco Grape Fruit Fruit Ripens: Dec-Spring

Description: Large, thick skinned and white-fleshed, this nearly seedless green grapefruit hybrid with white flesh is produced from huge fragrant blossoms and large glossy-green foliage. Deliciously sweet, its juicy flesh lacks any grapefruit bitterness and is less acidic. A cross between a Duncan White Grapefruit and a Pommel.

Rio Red

Rio Red Grapefruit Fruit Ripens: May-Sept

Description: Rio Red grapefruit came out of the breeding program of R. A. Hens z in Texas. It originated as a bud sport of a tree produced from irradiated budwood of a Ruby grapefruit seedling. The tree grows vigorously to a large size. Plantings of Rio Red grapefruit have performed quite well in the Coachella Valley desert region, where it receives the high heat necessary to produce high-quality fruit. The fruit is large, with a slightly pebbled surface. The rind frequently has a pink blush, especially where two fruits grow against each other. The flesh is juicy and well-pigmented, with the darkest color next to the segment membranes. Rio Red is mid to late-season in maturity.