Free Fruit Trees Riverside Residents

Once you’ve gotten your new tree home, you’ll want to plant it right away, so it’s a good idea to prepare the hole you will plant it in before you go drive down to Parkview Nursery. As with most plants, fruit trees like loose soil with good drainage, and sunny locations. If your soil conditions are less than perfect, but the location you’ve chosen is, why not plant your new additions in a raised bed? This allows you to completely control the soil into which you are placing the trees.

Group trees that have similar spraying needs, and those varieties of fruit trees that require pollinators. Bees and the wind will assist you with this, so how lucky if your neighbors have cultivars that are needed for pollination of your trees! If space is beginning to get tight, or you’d like to maximize the space you have, you may want to consider planting two trees in one hole. To do this, you’ll want to build a long hole, to allow room for both trees and at least a foot between their trunks.

Your planting hole should be wide rather than deep. Measuring from the bottom of the pot, the hole should be slightly shallower than the dirt in the pot.  Remove the pot and cut away any encircling roots. Find the root flare, and make sure that it will end up above grade. If you plant the tree with the root flare submurged in the ground, it will not grow well, so if you need to, pull the tree back out, add dirt, and try again. Use the native soil to fill in the hole, and don’t fertilize until you see growth on the tree. For the first two years, dilute the fertilizer by half so that young roots do not get burned.

This summer we will talk about how to prune your fruit trees. It will take a couple of years before your tree will bear fruit. Imagine how sweet that first bite of fruit will taste, especially when you got the tree for free! The coupon says that it will cover trees up to $25, but at Parkview we cover all trees up to $30, including shade trees and fruit trees. Sorry, no dwarf trees or palm trees allowed.