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February 24, 2016

Gardening is for the Birds

Gardening is for BirdsThis past month has been a wonderful time to get outside and listen to your garden awaken from its dry-season slumber. For the past week I have heard a sharp increase in the bird songs in my yard. Western kingbirds have been calling from atop my neighbor’s pine tree, while scrub jays and acorn woodpeckers have been raising a ruckus in my oak trees. A pair of morning doves have been billing and cooing under my ceanothus and hummingbirds have been buzzing about and feeding on the blossoms of my manzanitas, white-flowering currant, black sage, and hybrid wooly blue curls. A sharp-shinned hawk went streaking through the backyard a time or two and yellow-rumped warblers (“butter-butts” as we like to call them) have been twittering in the toyon. You may think that we live out in a vast rural area of Valley Center or similar clime, but we live on a small suburban lot in Escondido. Since planting our bird-friendly native habitat garden, we have enjoyed spending many hours of birdwatching in our own little yard. (more…)