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February 2, 2016


holiday dwarf avocadoFruit Ripens: Aug-Dec
Description: An exciting new variety, the tree bears pear-shaped fruit with excellent flavor. Holds on the tree very well. A heavy producer, it is great for small back yards. Labor Day to New Year's Day.
Known For: Full Sun, Self-Fertile
Size: Very Small


Zutano avocado treesFruit Ripens: Late Dec-Jan
Description: Easily recognized by its shiny, yellow-green skin, the Zutano is hervested when the season begins in September and is available through early winter.
Known For: Pear-shape, Moderately easy to peel, Light taste
Size: Average to large fruit, ranging from 6 to 14 oz

Sir Prize

Sir Prize avocado treesFruit Ripens: Nov-Mar
Description: "B" Flower type Black when soft Thin skin
Known For: Ridge, small seed, Easy peeling, Good taste
Size: Medium to large, ranging from 8 to 18 oz


Stewart avocado treesFruit Ripens: Sep-Oct
Description: "A" flower type Black when ripe smoth skin
Known For: Thin skin, small seed
Size: Average to large fruit, ranging from 6 to 14 oz


Reed avocado treesFruit Ripens: Jul-Oct
Description: A large, round fruit available in the summer months and early fall.
Known For: Round shape, Medium seed, Easy peeling, Good taste
Size: Medium to large, ranging from 8 to 18 oz


Pinkerton avocado treesFruit Ripens: Jan-May
Description: Pinkerton avocados have small seeds, yield more fruit per tree and are available in a full range of sizes early winter through spring.
Known For: Long, pear-shape, Small seed, Excellent peeling characteristics, Great taste
Size: Large fruit, ranging from 8 to 18 oz


hass avocado treesFruit Ripens: Feb-Oct
Description: This new variety has exceptional flavor and a large robust size-the California summer such variety.
Known For: Pebbly skin with pale green flesh smooth, creamy, nutty taste large size Symmetrical in shape, displays exceptionally well
Size: Ranges in size from 11.75 oz to 18.75 oz


Fuerte avocado trees Fruit Ripens: Dec-May Description: Harvested late fall through spring, the fuerte is the original high-quality California Avocado. Known For: Pear-shape, Medium seed, Peels easily, Great Taste Size: Medium to large fruit, ranging from 5 to 14 oz


bacon avocado treesFruit Ripens: Nov-Jan
Description: A green-skinned variety of good quality, the Bacon is a medium-sized fruit available late fall into spring.
Known For: Oval-shape, Medium to large seed, Easy peeling, Light taste
Size: Medium, ranging from 6 to 12 oz

Fingered Citron (Buddha’s Hand)

Fingered Citron-Buddhas HandFruit Ripens: Jan-May Description: Buddha's Hand citron, AKA bushukan (Japanese) or fingered citron, produces deep lemon yellow fruits that vary in shape and size. The fruit splits at the opposite end of the tree's stem forming segments that have a wild finger-like appearance, hence its given name. Its flesh is void of juice, pulp and seeds, rendering it inedible. The culinary virtues lie within its oily rind which is powerfully fragrant and aromatic and utilized for its zesting properties. Buddha's Hand citron flavor is described as a unique blend of bitter and sweet, similar to kumquats and tangerines, with lavender notes and a bright lemon highlight.
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